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  1. We’re thrilled to announce that, with your help, we raised $1,581 last night for @EveryoneIsGay. Huge thanks to everyone who bought merch and helped us support this great organization. To find out more, visit them at Big hearts from us to you. You’re amazing. #differentcolors #loveislove

    Kansas City :: #TheGospelTour

    In light of the Westboro Baptist Church protesting our show in Kansas City, we will be donating all profits from tonight’s merch sales to the youth organization @EveryoneIsGay.

    @EveryoneIsGay works to improve the lives of LGBTQ young people. By providing online advice, hosting national speaking tours, and using honesty & laughter, they start a much-needed conversation with young people, their families, and their schools. For more information, please visit:

    Love is love. Let’s celebrate everyone’s #DifferentColors and #ShutUpAndDance.

    Denver :: #TheGospelTour

    Salt Lake City :: #TheGospelTour


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